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31st-Oct-2009 01:06 am - & 010
Keira - pick a boo
Hi this is a special icon post, there are all the icons I'm entering in icontest, stills and lims etc...
I made some variations most of the times so it could be interesting! sometimes I forgot to enter so nobody saw them! xD

29th-Oct-2009 03:48 pm - Banners!
Keira - pick a boo
Hii!!! Before posting an icon post, I'll repost the banners I won during competition and stills! I guess I haven't all the banners it's just because I always forgot to take it xD

Banners rock!Collapse )

23rd-Oct-2009 01:40 am - New Layout!!
Rose - chair
Hi everybody!!! I have a new layout!!! thanks to kuribati for this! I needed to change it! I was kinda bored by the "old one" and I just need a fresh start!!

pluie_d_etoiles  pluie_d_etoiles  pluie_d_etoiles

And I'm gonna give you a little preview of the future icons! =) enjoy!!

CUT!Collapse )
Hope you liked it!! =)
8th-Oct-2009 01:32 pm - & 009
Keira - pick a boo
Hiiiiii !!!!! Back to the icons now !!! =)

[05] Stock
[10] Rose Byrne
[15] Rachel Weisz
[10] Michael Jackson
[25] Keira Knightley
26th-Jul-2009 05:22 am - Promo, promo, promo!
Keira - pick a boo

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20th-Jul-2009 12:00 am - & 008
Keira - pick a boo
Hello everybody!! this is a really small icon post because there are only 57 icons !! like I said before I was plan to make some icon of michael J. but I couldn't...I don't know why. well place aux icons ! ^^

[07] Johnny Depp
[07] The Duchess
[24] Keira Knightley
[03] Rachel weisz
[16] Rose Byrne
Keira - pick a boo
Alright a new batch of icons for this times ladies20in20 . I'm sorry to haven't make icons post yet but I'm still in lack of inspiration, I tried to make some Of michael Jackson but I just can't...Anyway this is the icons, I'm not sure for the closeup if there's something wrong I'll change it!

Carry meCollapse )

sorry for spamming but if you like rumble and angelina jolie, angie_rumble needs more participants ! thank youu !!!
14th-Jul-2009 08:47 pm - Promoting time!
Keira - pick a boo
I made a new community, I really love keira_rumble , I have so much fun with this community so I made one because I like Angelina jolie and she's such a good actress (and because there are so much community about Keira *huhu*). If you like Angelina Jolie, Joinnn!!!!!!! :D

26th-Jun-2009 09:44 pm - Break.
Keira - pick a boo
I'm taking a little break, I learned like everybody else that michael Jackson was dead and I was a really really big fan of him, and I have for the moments not the envy to make icons etc... I'm just so sad, as sad as I can't even write correctly. I just need some times.

Take care.

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